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NGi-Exterior Finished Panels-Video

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

NGi is excited to share this exterior prefabrication project video of Memorial Care / Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach.

A design-build, 80,000 sf 4-story pediatric medical office building.

To expedite the construction schedule, and to lessen the impact on the building site and surrounding medical campus, offsite construction was chosen as the method to deliver the exterior skin.The exterior design called for two different StoPanel types. The principal façade type was the StoPanel Classic Next CI. This façade type is prominent on all elevations and includes articulated changes in plane, distinct colors that express the “pediatric” theme, and seamless transitions into the balconies. The second panel type is the StoPanel Dri-Design ci, a metal panel, pressure-equalizing rain screen. These Dri-Design panels accent the Sto acrylic textured finish with smooth, sleek lines.

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