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In-House Manufacturing

NGi is a vertically integrated manufacturing enterprise that uses a combination of best practice production methods, technology and custom software to accomplish its mission of being a World Class Manufacturer. Our  pre-fabricated exterior wall panels, custom drywall shapes and load bearing panel output are produced in our new state of the art 142,000 square foot manufacturing facility. prefab wall paneling contractor CA

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Reduce Time - Increase Efficiency

Prefabricated drywall forms can be built to fit any application, from square corners to columns and complex geometric patterns. The result is a clean look that can be installed rapidly. NGi’s drywall products also include complete metal stud and grid framing systems. Examples of prefab drywall applications include:

  • Soffits

  • Door headers

  • Window channels

  • Curtain walls

  • Shaft walls

  • Office front


Sto Panel Technology

Sto, the leader in wall cladding systems and the world’s largest manufacturer of insulated wall systems, now offers the most advanced technology in prefabricated insulated wall panel solutions. Our systematized approach to panelized construction offers many benefits over traditional precast panels. Sto Panels are lightweight, energy efficient, durable and require only a fraction of the typical installation time.

Sto Panel Installation
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Sto Panel Affiliate

NGi is proud to be an affiliate of Sto Panel, the global leader in prefabricated insulated wall panel solutions. Lightweight, energy efficient, durable and easy to install, Sto Panels represent the cutting edge of construction technology.

Speed: Panel construction takes place indoors, allowing for simultaneous site prep, avoiding weather problems and compressing project schedules. Prefab penalization and light weight allow for faster installation.

Value: Installation of Sto Panels requires no scaffolding and dramatically less labor, saving cost and lowering risk. Their lightweight construction and small footprint also lower structural requirements.

Quality: Sto Panels are produced in temperature-controlled factories in full compliance with leading standards for testing, building, and energy efficiency. Strict adherence to quality control guidelines ensures consistent workmanship, backed up by an industry-leading warranty.​

Greatly reduce the time of building envelope installation and make the most of your construction calendar.

  • Faster Installation Due to Prefab Penalization

  • Efficiencies Compress the Construction Schedule

  • Indoor Production Means No Weather Delays

  • Site Prep and Panel Construction Can Occur Simultaneously

  • Lightweight Panels Lower Structural Requirements

  • Smaller Footings / Foundations

  • Reduced Jobsite Labor & Crew Sizes

Sto panels are produced in temperature-controlled factories, in full compliance with codes for testing, building and energy efficiency.

  • Superior Long Term Durability with Industry-Leading Warranty

  • Sto Q/A Programs Ensure Quality-Controlled Workmanship

  • Strict Adherence to Manufacturers’ Temp/Humidity Guidelines

  • Extensive Architectural and Finish Options


Load-Bearing Panels

NGi’s prefabricated load-bearing panels are built with strength and versatility in mind. The axial and lateral load strength featured in all our panels can be enhanced with additional internal framing to meet the needs of any application. Built to order in our tightly controlled manufacturing facility, the speed of delivery and installation allows for compressed construction schedules and lower costs. Prefab load-bearing panels are suitable for a wide range of applications, including framed openings, sheathing, shear walls, windows and more.

  • Ease of installation dramatically reduces on-site labor requirements.

  • On-time delivery of manufactured panels eliminates weather delays.

  • Compatible with many exterior envelope types.


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