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Metal Stud Framing

Nevell Group provides the benefits of extensive experience alongside a depth and breadth that are unprecedented. Our supervisors, technicians, and staff have worked all over the country in the full range of construction projects from medical to residential to retail.

Whatever the size and complexity of your project, we get involved early, assisting your design team in generating constructible, code-applicable documents. This shaves time off your schedule -- in some cases, by up to three to four years.  And when it comes to a job well done, our immensely skilled tradespeople contribute talents bordering on sheer artistry in the truest sense. Their capabilities combine with the unique pride they feel as owners of the company, to spur our people to even greater achievement on your behalf.


Quality Meets High Productivity

Under Construction

Our Process

  • The first step once the contract is assigned to NGI is to check the drawings and ensure construction details are constructible and fit the project requirements.

  • After fastening or welding clips, the construction is ready for wall framing and sheeting.

  • Exterior waterproofing systems/air barrier is then installed, followed by exterior finishes.

  • The exterior is then masked and a scratch coat is applied. Scratch coat is a base cementitious layout of plastering to adhere to the lath.

  • Brown coat is installed to full plaster depth as required, followed by color per the building specifications.

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