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Design-Build | Design-Assist

PreConstruction & Design-Build Approach

The NGi design-build / design-assist program is a proven and established asset for both conventional design-build, and progressive design-build deliveries.

Our innovative approach allows the team to carefully select the project design path to align the desired performance, life cycle, and aesthetics to meet or exceed the budget and schedule requirements. Our program is based on a transparency model that allows us to provide innovative design path options and/or suggestions for the team to consider in real time at each drawing stage progression. 

Building Plans

We attribute our success in the design-build arena to a shared understanding and common goal of early engagement of resources to create better construction documents. This translates into fully coordinated documents ahead of the build to reduce common pitfalls of incomplete designs that result in unplanned RFI’s / Addendums and scope / schedule issues. Commercial Building BIM Design Management

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