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Lath & Plaster

Lath and Plaster

Lathe and plaster construction is a traditional building method with a long and rich history. It is known for its durability, acoustic insulation properties, and fire resistance. Modern materials and methods ensure that today’s lathe and plaster projects deliver superb finishes that are highly resistant to the elements. 


Nevell Group’s approach to lathe and plaster work is rooted in a relentless commitment to quality control. Our team understands the details that must be considered at every step to achieve a flawless, durable finish. Along with artisanal, hands-on expertise, we deploy modern technologies to eliminate guesswork and complete work on time. 

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Our Process

Lathe and plaster construction involves creating a wall or ceiling surface by nailing thin wooden strips, or lathes, to the underlying structure and then applying several layers of plaster over them. The lathes serve as a base for the plaster, allowing it to adhere to the wall and create a smooth, even finish. The plaster is typically made from a mixture of sand, water, and gypsum or lime. Each layer must be allowed to dry completely before the next one is added, and each layer must be smoothed and leveled using a trowel or other finishing tool.


Quality control during the plastering process is essential to prevent imperfections that could affect the wall’s integrity.

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