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Nevell Group's Success With EIFS

The success of NGi in EIFS work begins in the preconstruction phase, where our team, which is comprised of several AWCI EIFS Industry Professionals, provides construction solutions and detailing to meet the evolving demands of the design community.

With the increasing emphasis on Title 24 thermal performance standards, architectural designers are turning to exterior wall systems to achieve superior R-values. EIFS ensures continuous insulation by integrating an EPS or XPS foam layer in each cladding, enabling adjustments in R-values through variations in foam thickness and type. Apart from its outstanding thermal performance, EIFS stands out as the only prevalent exterior system that offers continuous insulation (CI) without necessitating mechanical fastener penetrations through the air water-resistive barrier.

Nevell Group employs drainage EIFS to comply with local and model building codes, leveraging EIFS's inclusion in the IBC model code, which streamlines the submittal process for most projects.

A wide array of finishes, including faux wood, concrete, stone, and brick simulations or attached veneers, is available for all EIFS installations. Nevell Group excels in creating intricate shapes and striking deep-set window designs, including "aperture-style" surrounds that extend up to 12" deep.

Curious about EIFS and its advancements?

EIFS is a layered cladding system that includes an air and water-resistive barrier, continuous insulation, fiberglass mesh for crack resistance and a color/texture finish coat. Recent technological enhancements in EIFS now incorporate proper drainage, addressing past moisture concerns that led to litigations in the 1990s.

Why is EIFS considered a hidden gem?

EIFS presents a cost-effective choice for projects, especially in light of California's Title 24 Energy Efficiency Requirements. With an R-Value often surpassing 5, EIFS offers continuous insulation at a competitive cost, serving as a financially savvy alternative compared to pricier cladding systems to meet California's Title 24 Requirements.

As a certified EIFSmart installer, Nevell Group has witnessed numerous successful projects that have benefited from cost savings through the adoption of an EIFS exterior. The lightweight nature of EIFS, being 80% lighter than traditional stucco, makes it an excellent fit for prefabricated exterior panels.

For more information on how EIFS can enhance your upcoming project, please visit

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